What is MyNetKing?

MyNetKing - Speed NetworkingMyNetKing is the one and only co-op referral networking group that utilizes a portion of member dues to build a better web site, better meetings and various types of advertising for the success of all the members. We aren’t just collecting membership dues to put into our pocket. We’re collecting membership dues so we can help put more money in your pocket. Do you know of another networking group who can say the same?

How MyNetKing Works

MyNetKing works by the promotion and support of small businesses. We provide a user-friendly business networking website that attracts customers and those customers find your business. Other businesses looking to network will also find your company and through those connections you will expand your business.

Even though we have a great online networking tool, we still do face-to-face meetings. At our networking meetings we do speed networking so you can be sure to meet everyone in the room.

Our Focus

MyNetKing focuses on bringing the online world and the offline world together at last. Creating relationships still often takes the face to face, and creating referrals takes knowing, liking, and trusting the person you are referring to. We give you the opportunity to do business and referring online with the ability and opportunity to build the relationships online and/or offline.

The goal with MyNetKing is to promote you and your business. To give you a place where you can do that and give you the tools to succeed.

You can read more about professional networking with MyNetKing.

An Affordable Networking Group

You will not find a more affordable business networking group than MyNetKing. With all of the features we provide to help you succeed, it’s the most affordable group you will find anywhere. We offer a viable product at an affordable price that is currently unavailable online or offline anywhere else.

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Need More Information?

If you would like more information then be sure to check out our frequently asked questions. You are also welcomed to contact us directly and we will respond as soon as possible.