15 Feb

Welcome to the launch of MyNetKing!

What is MyNetKIng?

Mission Statement
MyNetKing (MYNK) exists to support and promote small business, by creating commerce on a local level.

MYNK works by creating commerce on a local level through the promotion and support of small and independently owned businesses. The way MYNK achieves its goal MYNK is by bringing into existence a positive online environment that allows its members to achieve personal business success in a reliable forum of their peers. MYNK provides a user-friendly business networking website that operates on the platform of a social networking site. MYNK attracts customers because of its cornerstones: exclusivity, accountability, affordability and reliability. MYNK offers a viable product at a competitive price in a niche that is currently unavailable online. MYNK’s primary prerogative is to give small business in North America all the resources it needs in order to achieve success in the 21st century.

Local Business, Global Option

MYNK links local, small, and independently owned businesses with other professionals in order to develop new business and create enduring and profitable business relationships. MYNK links professionals locally and has all the tools to interact globally as well; linking local commerce with the global resources.

Referral Statistics

A recent poll of businesses showed that 62.7% of businesses count on referrals for over 80% of their sales. It further showed that nearly one third of businesses receive less than half of their business from referrals, with the remaining businesses somewhere in between.

If you’re in the “have not” portion of this poll, no doubt you’re wondering how you can increase your share of referrals. After all, referrals are the most effective and affordable way of increasing your sales and growing your bottom line. What can you do to position yourself more like the 14.1% of businesses surveyed got 100% of their business from referrals?

Join MyNetKing today and start receiving personally qualified referrals!