Professional Networking

MyNetKing is the first of its kind. We’re a professional networking group in Maine  where our focus is on promoting you and your business to help you grow and succeed. There is a lot that separates us from other professional networking groups.

Accountability & Reliability

Professional NetworkingEach professional is held accountable for their work. When you send another member a referral they will be ranked by the client they are doing the work for. You will also be able to review the work done by the member you sent the referral to. Every member is held to a high standard and their standing is shown to everyone.

We have monthly local professional networking meetings where members can create face-to-face relationships. Besides these meetings, members can invite others to meet one-on-one, in order to develop a strong referral relationship with people they know, like and trust. Once relationships are built, the networking is easily tracked and recorded online, with positive testimonials being recorded on each member’s personal profile.


Trade Show BoothThere is no more affordable professional networking group in Maine offering what we offer. Members of MyNetKing get access to the website and all its networking features, as well as the face-to-face meetings. We also offer the use of our booth and space at trade shows and conventions we’re attending. MYNK will pay the booth fee, provide the booth and you can schedule a time-slot to use it to promote your own business. What other company does that for its members?

You can read more about our networking plans.

Professional Networking Website

Most local professional networking groups either do not have a website or the one they have has no value to you, the member. This is where MyNetKing stands on its own. Our website is built for our members to network. The website features a referral system, the ability easily contact and message other members and a Stream where our member interact with one another to promote their own business. Those are just a few of the core features of our website.

Because MyNetKing is focused on our members, the website is also optimized for search engines. Your business listing is seen by Google, Yahoo, Bing and more. That translates into more people finding your business and in turn contacting you and growing your business.

Lastly, the public can find you by using our business search feature.

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