Points are a form of currency with MyNetKing. We’ll have more information soon about what you can do with those points.

You earn points by simply interacting with MyNetKing. Many things you do will earn you points. Here’s a list of ways you can earn points with us.

  • Logging into the Site: Every day you log into mynetking.com.
  • Viewing a Member Profile: The first time you view the profile of a member you have not previously viewed.
  • Sending Referrals: Each time you give a referral to a member.
  • Completing Referrals: When another member sends you a referral you can mark it as complete once the work is done. Completing that referrals earns you points.
  • Contacting a Member: The first time you contact a member you have not previously contacted.

We are always looking to add new ways for you all to earn points but the idea is simple, use the site to promote your business and help other members and you earn points.