16 May

New Feature: The Stream

We are continuing to improve the website and we have just introduced a new feature, the Stream. On your account dashboard you can add a status. Previously this status appeared on your profile page so people had to keep checking your profile to see what was new with you. It wasn’t terribly efficient.

Now when you add a new status, that status appears in the Stream. The Stream is a collection of all status updates by members. This is where you will go to see what members are up to.

The Stream is only available to logged in members of the site, so the public won’t see it. Use it to post status updates about any specials you currently have, referrals you are seeking, whatever you want. The Stream is a hub of connectivity here at MyNetKing.

Lastly, each day you visit the Stream you will be awarded points. Remember, each day you log into the site you also get points. So, checking the Stream frequently as part of your routine is an easy way to earn points.

Other Updates

As part of the update for the Stream, status updates have been overhauled. You can now easily edit or remove a previous status. Coming soon will be the ability to view all your previous status updates.

Zones are gone. Zones were a feature of the previous version of MyNetKing and just didn’t fit into the new version very well. Your locality for other members to find you is dependent upon your business profile. Also, your business category is now set on your business profile since Zones no longer exist. Take a moment to go to your account dashboard and check on your business profile.

More improvements are being made with the business search and general member search from your dashboard. We’re trying to make it easier to get you connected to other members and will continue to refine these areas.