Networking Plans

We offer a few different networking plans here at MyNetKing. All of our networking plans give members the full benefits of our website, which include:

  • Referral System – Our system makes it easy to send a referral to another member. Members are immediately notified of new referrals and can manage their referrals from the website.
  • Referral Ranking System – You can rank the members you are sending referrals to. Referrals you complete will see you ranked by your peers as well as the client you did work for. The ranking of a member can be seen on their profile and in the search results so you can ensure you are giving your referral to the best person suited for the job.
  • Contacts – Reach out to other MYNK members and start a conversation. You are able to chat with other members from our website.
  • My Network – Easily access members who you work with frequently so you can contact them and send them referrals.
  • Earn Points – Performing actions on the site, like sending referrals or making new contacts, will reward you with points. Those points can later be spent on things within the MYNK system.
  • Site Listing – The public can search the website to find professionals and all MYNK members are included in those results. Our website is optimized for search engines and your listing will be seen by Google, Bing, Yahoo and more. This level of optimization will promote your and your business.
  • The Stream – You can post status updates, like the type of referrals you are looking for, new contacts you’re looking to make or whatever is relevant to you, and those updates are seen by all MyNetKing members in the Stream. It’s a hub of connectivity for all members.

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Co-op Marketer Plans

Not only does our Co-op Marketer plans give you all the website benefits but also you will be able to attend our monthly face-to-face meetings. This is what sets MyNetKing apart from other business networking groups, we merge technology with traditional networking meetings.

In addition, MyNetKing attends select business trade shows around the state. We purchase space and allow our members to use our space at the trade shows to promote their own business. You can attend trade shows at no additional cost to you; it’s all part of your membership here.

We offer an annual plan at $110 for the year or a monthly plan at $9.95 per-month.

Web Only Plans

Our Web Only plans are great for those seeking to do their networking exclusively online. You will have full access to the website and all of its features but you will not be able to attend the monthly networking meetings or utilize our trade show booth space.

The Web Only annual plan is just $55 and the monthly plan is $4.95. Web Only is a great way to check out our website and give us a test run. You can always upgrade to a Co-op Marketer plan at any time.