19 Apr

MyNetKing 3.1 COMING SOON!

We are working as fast as we can to get things changed to our liking and yours. We hope to have updates done and ready for launching 3.1 by the end of this month –  if not sooner.  Some of our key developments are below…

We are working on three levels of membership:

1: The Expert Networker

2. The Virtual Networker

3. The Expert Panelist


We are also developing a dashboard for our public members so that they can track points, referrals, and other useful information.

Lastly, we are close to the launch of greenscreenproductions.com for those of you looking to enhance the mynetking experience and your on-line video experience as a whole. Check out your options under the “Advertising” link on our homepage.



MYNK – The Expert Network