30 Apr

Cooperative (Co-Op)

Did you know that MyNetKing.com works a lot like a co-op. Our members get together to share referrals like any other networking group, however, here’s the KICKER, we pool our resources to get our web site and our experts out into the public eye. Many times small business’ and sales professionals can’t afford to spend the big advertising dollars. MyNetKing helps with that problem by attracting the general public to our web site – which, in turn,  helps the public find the best professional  to hire. The cool part is that our public members get rewarded for “self-referrals” instead of just giving their business away the “old-fashioned” way. How would you like to have a customer refer themselves rather then struggle to ask for referrals or always rely on others to give you referrals?

MyNetKing gives you the OLD with the NEW – a perfect combination!

Come join us on the quest to reward our customers.