11 Mar

Announcing the Launch of MYNK Beta 2.0

With the launch of MYNK Beta 2.0 we would like to announce that we have made several enhancements to the user experience, the functionality and administration of MyNetking.com. These new  enhancements will help our members interact with each other easier while adding another layer of visibility to the entire referral system. Below is a list of user enhancments that have with this release of MYNK Beta 2.0:

  • Open search to public of limited profile listings
  • Further control over the customization member profile pages, ability to add keywords.
  • Ability for users to personalize their url ie: https://mynetking.com/profile/danieleosco (instead of id#3)
  • Fast login feature from any page
  • Invite a friend and earn 200 MYNK Points and 1 FREE Month of service
  • My Status section to post what you are doing, what you are looking for, or your current projects
  • Ability to manage what contacts you get from MyNetKing
  • Streamlined Search Feature in the Dashboard
  • Search results show profile picts and additional information
  • User Profiles show in Google, Yahoo and Bing results
  • Members and visitors can post a profile to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc…
  • Members can easily Print and eMail User Profiles
  • Adjusted bio on profile page to show 5 lines then expand
  • Referral review process complete. When a member receives a referral they can rate it on a scale of 1-5 crowns. This is what dictates a users Number of Crowns.
  • Individual who gets referred can now rate a member once work has been completed.