Maine Business Networking

Our mission is to create a group of business professionals in Maine that pool all their information and experience to create a huge networking resource to the benefit of all of our members. Our members have a large resource of other businesses to network with and the public a great directory of Maine professionals.

“Where you go to find a professional”

MyNetKing works by helping, promoting and supporting our members. We want to see you and your business succeed and we provide you the tools to help you do that. Whether that is our online networking website, or our face-to-face networking meetings, our approach is about you.

MyNetKing - Maine Business Networking


Open Networking Group


Smaller Social Groups


Combines Face to Face with Technology


We’re a Local Business

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A Unique Business Networking Group

Maine Speed NetworkingWe are the first of our kind, creating a great online business networking website and combining that with traditional business networking meetings. It’s that combination of technology and tried-and-true business networking that makes us unique. We also put membership dues back into member features so you aren’t paying for a privilege but instead helping to further promote yourself and other professionals so that we all succeed.

Affordable Networking

We offer various networking plans that are all affordable. We put membership dues back into member resources and to promote you to help you grow your business. What other networking groups do that for their members? By joining MyNetKing you are gaining an online presence to promote your business. You gain the ability to network with other members directly through our website. We even offer space at trade shows, with no additional cost, to our members so you can go promote your business. You get all of this at an extremely affordable price.