“Where you go to find a professional”

Our mission is to create a group of business professionals in Maine that pool all their resources and create a huge networking resource to the benefit of all. Our members will have a large resource of other businesses to network with and the public a great directory of Maine professionals.

MyNetKing works by creating commerce on a local level through the promotion and support of small businesses. MYNK provides a user-friendly business networking website. It attracts customers because of its cornerstones of semi-exclusivity, accountability, affordability & reliability. MYNK offers a viable product at an affordable price that is currently unavailable online or offline.

Open Networking Group
Smaller Social Groups
Combines Face to Face with Technology
We’re a Local Business

We are the first of our kind, creating a great networking website and combining that with traditional networking meetings. It’s that combination of technology and tried-and-true business networking that makes us unique. We also put membership dues back into member features so you aren’t paying for a privilege but instead helping to further promote yourself and other professionals so that we all succeed.

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